1. Performance (ROI%)

Post the best return on investment (ROI) from contest start to end by trading currency pairs on ForexMaster. The top 50 that place will split a 15,000 USD cash pool, assuming said cash pool hits the cap. Remember, the more people, the more money!

1. Performance (ROI %)
1st: 28% of the total cash pool
2nd: 20% of the total cash pool
3rd: 10% of the total cash pool
4th: 7% of the total cash pool
5th: 5% of the total cash pool
6th - 10th: 2% of the total cash pool
11th - 30th: 1% of the total cash pool

31st - 50th: $25
51st - 200th: $10

2. Referral Raffle

Refer friends to trade on ForexMaster not just because you’re a good friend, but because you’re selfish and want to win one of these awesome prizes (hey, we’re not judging):

50 referrals - iPhone 6s Plus (1 winner)
40 referrals - iPhone 6s (2 winners)
30 referrals - iPad mini 4 (3 winners)
20 referrals - Hero4 Session Go Pro (4 winners)
15 referrals - Beats by Dre Solo 2 (5 winners)
8 referrals - $50  (10 winners)
4 referrals - $25 (20 winners)
2 coins - FDT Incubator swag (50 winners)

Referrals will be counted from September 14 00:00 GMT (start period) till December 6 23:59 GMT (end period).

For a referral to be considered successful, each friend you refer to ForexMaster must

-Input your unique referral code before end period
-Register a ForexMaster account after start period and before end period
-Use unique phone number or social login when registering
-Enter FDT Trade-A-Thon 2015 before end period
-Make 5 trades before end period

You can check out referral rankings at http://tradeathon.fdt.io/referral. Rankings will be updated every Monday.

On December 7, 2015, FDT will group all FDT Trade-A-Thon 2015 entrants into different levels, based on referral number. (For instance, if you had 40 successful referrals, you would be eligible for all raffles besides the 50 referral raffle.) We will then raffle off all prizes randomly, and announce the winners on our blog and ForexMaster timelines.